2013: The Best Year Ever?

If I were to tell you that 2013 was the best year ever, would you believe me? Most people would think it a sick joke, maybe pornographic. What great event happened in 2013?

In this blog I will often point to “smaller” indicators that point to brighter things. In 2013, there was no Battle of Marathon, Emancipation Proclamation, or Stalingrad–no event that changed the course of history for the better. However, many seemingly unrelated trends “got better” as they have in previous years. The following article from thinkprogress.org goes into five of them: mortality, poverty, war, violent crime and discrimination.


Now if you asked people on the street “Do you think that rates of death, poverty, violence and discrimination are all trending down?” do you think they’ll agree? Most would not, I think.

One theory why is that crime is reported more and more frequently and thoroughly. And since everyone has a camera in his pocket now, many crimes and most catastrophes get filmed and photographed. We see more bad things on TV and computer screens, even as they are decreasing.

2 thoughts on “2013: The Best Year Ever?

  1. Sometimes I ask myself, would I rather live 100 years ago? 200 ? 500? Nope. It is nice to have modern medicine, modern comforts, modern civil rights. I like the article you mention- things have changed so much –


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