Girls In School: New Normal in Developing World

The story of Malala Yousafzai has been one of the great inspirations of the past five years. She has come to us as a lone, courageous voice struggling against the darkness of denial of education to girls.

That said, more and more girls are attending school all over the world, and this appears to be a robust trend.

Percentage of Girls Attending Secondary School, 1975 & 1997

And the number of girls not attending primary schools is going down:

All that I share on this blog builds on this thesis: The world is getting better because of the convergence of many, many positive trends. These trends will continue to interact in positive feedback loops that will further accelerate progress.

While many tens of millions of girls are deprived educational opportunities, the future looks brighter. We need do all we can to make sure ALL children–boys and girls–have a chance at an education. And that should happen because girls in school is the new normal, worldwide.

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