More Incredibly Good News

I used to think Bill Gates was Darth Vader, an uber-capitalist bent on total control. Evil. Bad.

Wrong again, Henry! And not only about Bill Gates…about capitalism, too. While traditional global development initiatives have changed the world for the better, the markets and business opened by globalization have done much, maybe most, of the heavy lifting of hundreds of millions of people out of poverty into opportunity.

I grudgingly appreciate capitalism not because of what it is but because of the good it has done. It’s that unsavory, much maligned (and truly imperfect) system that is, to rephrase Churchill’s adage about democracy, the worst system…except for all the others.

But I digress. Bill Gates, that Darth Vader fellow who created the Gates Foundation with his wife Melinda, has also been a heavy lifter in the changes that have made this era, IMHO, the greatest golden age of humankind.

The Gates Foundation blog, Impatient Optimists, is an excellent source if you want to learn what is working in the fight for a better tomorrow. Here are their  “11 Reasons to Be Optimistic in 2014” (please read the whole post):

1. People are living longer

2. More people around the world can read

3. We’re winning the fight agains malaria

4. TB is becoming a thing of the past

5. Worldwide poverty is down

6. India will become polio free in 2014

7. We’re vaccinating more people than ever

8. Ethiopia is doing well

9. We’re gaining ground against HIV

10. We’re on track to halve hunger by 2015

11. Guinea worm is set to be the first fully eradicated human disease since smallpox.

Read more and feel better about our future:

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