Significant Poverty Rate Drop in Latin America

The BBC reported that “More than 56 million people have been lifted out of poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean in recent years, according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

“A new UNDP report says poverty levels in the period from 2000-2012 fell from 41.7% to 25.3% of the population.”

While the BBC reported that progress was uneven, a 16% decrease in poverty in 12 years is staggering. When I think of dramatic poverty reduction in recent years, China and India first come to mind. Progress in many African countries also stands out. Yet Latin America’s unheralded improvements are remarkable.

One thought on “Significant Poverty Rate Drop in Latin America

  1. Argentina and Venezuela manufacture their own poverty on a regular basis by their corrupt governments who think nothing of devaluing their currency as a means to pay foreign debt. The wealth that has been destroyed for so many generations of their citizens is staggering, yet these folks repeatedly elect governments whose stated economic policies have resulted in disasters every time they have been tried.

    As much as I love Argentina, it is a basket case. I pity the people of Venezuela who are ruled by the corrupt Chavez – they don’t even have the chance to elect idiots.


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