Ozone Layer Recovering

Much of the news about the environment is depressing. This is no surprise as humans have seriously altered the planet. There’s no going back to a pre-human Eden. Only when we disappear as a species will things return to some semblance of how things were before hominids.

But even then the world will have been forever altered by human activity. Thousands of species have gone extinct, while thousands of other species have been moved to areas of the world that would have never seen them had humans not moved them there. Regardless of the fate of humanity, the evolutionary future of many–most?–species has been changed.

Therefore, I think we must accept the current situation but not an ecodystopic future. We can’t go back, but we can go forward by restoring ecology while still supporting human prosperity. Thankfully, much progress has been made in some areas. One is the recovery of the ozone layer.


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