Foreign Aid & Saving Millions of Children

“Can we use $30 of the taxes you’re already paying to protect 120 children from measles?”  Would you say yes or no?

Bill and Melinda Gates posed this question to readers of their 2014 Gates Annual letter. They’re trying to dispel the myth that US foreign health aid–primarily vaccines, family planning, drugs for people with HIV–is wasted. Of course, if you nose around any multi-billion-dollar budget, whether it’s Apple Computer or a government program, you will find waste. However, the impact of US foreign health aid–about $11 billion annually–has saved millions.

The Gateses “calculated the drop in child mortality since 1980, the start of the ‘Child Survival Revolution’ that made vaccines and oral rehydration therapy much more widespread. It comes to 100 million deaths averted.”

Sounds like a good investment to me.